• Styles atletico


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    The atletico is a new design that delivers a modern twist on the classic Olympic/Speedo style. The sporty atletico rests lower on the hips with a thicker and more comfortable waist band but covers a bit more in the back than the skimpier bikini.

  • Styles b_twini


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    This contemporary design is a fusion of the classic square and the bikini. The B-twini is a flattering style that is great for most body types.

  • Styles mini_b_twini


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    Alphonse has designed this suit to be full on sexy. It is lower in the front and a bit higher on the leg than the original B-Twini. The Mini B-twini is recommended for the confident man.

  • Styles olympic


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    This Mediterranean cut has a Euro-chic inspiration. It is roomy and comfortable and recommended for all body types. The Olympic is especially good for those with short legs to give an illusion of more length.

  • Styles quadrado


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    Alphonse┬┤s latest creation is the square cut for the 21st century. The Quadrado has a roomier more comfortable pouch and a bit more length on the legs. This style also lifts and holds the backside to give a firmer more defined appearance and is great for those who prefer a little more coverage.