Braccialetto Italiano Dei San / Italian Saints Bracelet

This sleek Italian design bracelet is a top current European fashion trend, an elegant accessory or perfect as a unique gift. The flexi-stretch nickel plated wristband is comfortable, subtle and stylish.

One size fits all. (7 1/2 inch with 9 1/2 inch stretch expansion capacity).

Buy one now while limited supplies last! $15.99

bracelet-1 bracelet-2

Medallón Maya / Mayan Medallion

The 5000 year old Mayan Calendar completes its cycle on 12/21/2012. Get yours now and celebrate the Galactic shift.

The medallion is made from a wax carved mold made by Mexican artisans and is nickel plated, one side has the full calendar while the other has a detail of the calendar's center face. The medallion is escorted by 2 pewter barrels. One size fits all.

Buy one now while limited supplies last! $15.99

medallon medallon

The Mayan Calendar & Prophecies:

A transformation, triggered by the completion of the Great Cycle has already taken place, signalled by a shift in the resonating frequency; this shift announces the end of the Great Cycle and gives a premonition of the brilliance of our galactic, solar and planetary reality in the following era which begins with 2012 AD. Our planet thus enters into its next evolutionary phase, securing itself a place as a new member of the galactic community.

José Argüelles